I filed dispute for Final Value Fee on eBay

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  1. I got into some sticky situation last week when the buyer had 0 feedback, unconfirmed address and she needed me to ship her item overnight express (within 2 business days after auction ended) - many people warned me not to send the item because its kind of suspicious.

    Well, so I communicated with the buyer telling her I cannot ship to unconfirmed address because I am not protected by Paypal. I filed for Final Value Fee back from ebay ($20) and it turned out that the buyer reported to ebay that she still wants to complete transaction with me - therefore CASE CLOSED, I will not recieve final value fee.

    My question is:
    1) Do I have a basis for filing the final value fee? Can I file for something that's already closed? How would I prove that I didn't accept her money nor ship anything to her. I did NOT claim her money in my paypal (the deny button on my paypal is not click-able? I can only click "accept" but I didn't, and am waiting for fund to be returned to buyer)

    Thank you for all your expert opinions. I really appreciate it.
  2. go to live help on ebay good luck!!
  3. In eBay you chose the dispute based on unconfirmed address?

    I am not sure. As the person ^ said, you may need to contact eBay Live. Let us know what they say because i am curious.
  4. The same thing happened to me. Paypal closed my case because the seller still wanted to go through with the transaction. I called Paypal directly and asked them what I should do. Damn if you do damn if you dont. I expressed concern about shipping to a new Paypal user with an unconfirmed address. I asked if Paypal would honor their insurance on this case. They told me NO. Their response was that I should have put buyer preferences in place on eBay (no feedback, negative feedback, and unconfirmed address) so that these buyer would not be able to even place a bid on my auctions. I now have these preferences in place, but I lost my final fee for the item. I never sent out the item and never heard from the buyer again.
  5. How do you set your ebay preferences to not allow bids from buyers with unconfirmed addys??