I feel suckered - need some advice

  1. It was a gloomy day here and so I visited the Prescriptives counter at the local department store. Somehow I got rerouted to the Elizabeth Arden counter and "made-over." I left with a bunch of makeup and goop that I will never wear. I want to return this stuff; I can return this stuff, but I don't want a big scene. Can anyone relate???
  2. Yep, definitely happens every time I wander into Sephora
    Return the stuff... if you want, just tell them you had skin irritation the night after. That's what I say (and generally its true) when a makeup artist tries to get me to buy foundation.
  3. Makeup SAs are some of the pushiest! I say just return it. There should be no big scene if these women have any graciousness at all.
  4. Besides, it's no big loss for them... There's always someone who buys that stuff!!
  5. Return it-- there shouldn't be any problem (especially if you got it at Nordstrom)
  6. i hate when i feel i'm being bullied, you're not alone. you should return it, and not feel any qualms about it.
  7. Thank you for the great excuse. I was just going to blame it on my husband, but skin irritation is sooo much better. I usually have no problem with returns, just when they spend some time on you, you feel obligated. I drove straight home and washed my face - I felt like such a clown with all that junk on. It would be great if there were a store where you could maybe pay for some instruction and get some "semi"-objective advice.
  8. Return it. I felt pressured to buy stuff after a makeover at a Bobbi Brown counter. If they ask, just say the color looked different in natural light and you didn't like it. It's usually true.
  9. i think the stand alone MAC stores give make up application lessons for a fee :P
  10. Return the stuff. Elizabeth Arden is not going to go belly up cuz you returned a few items. Don't feel bad. I don't think its cool to sell stuff to people that they don't need and worst of all won't use. good luck.
  11. Return it. If it feels awkward just go back at a different time to avoid the original SA.
  12. I would return it. This has happened to me in the past too. I like the idea of going back to avoid the original SA
  13. :nuts: Return it, if you want use the "skin irritation" excuse but be prepared for them to try and get you to buy the "non skin irritation" stuff. I usually take cosmetics back and tell, with a straight face, that I was drunk when I bought it and now have sobered up to find that I don't like it. They really don't know what to say to that.
  14. Definitely return it. I always end up feeling "guilted" into buying stuff because the SA spends so much time on me, or gives me a "free gift" (in the case of clinique). But what else are they going to do w/ their time aside from use it to try to persuade me to buy stuff I don't need? They are at work, so it's not like I'm taking away time that they could be having fun, or even waiting on other people, since this only happens when I'm the only one there.

    Bottom line, just return it. I've returned tons of stuff that I bought under pressure. I know we all feel bad about taking the commission away from the SA...but somtimes you have to look out for your own money too!
  15. Oh yeah, definitely return it. It's unused, and completely resellable. I've definitely been suckered into spending $$$ after a makeover and returned the items the next day. When asked why, I said that I changed my mind and luckily had SA's who had the dignity to not get any pushier.