I feel so poor right now

  1. After looking at all the pics of peoples collections...
    But...I guess my collection is okay for a 17 year old?
    I started collecting when I was 15..and still have a long way to go.

    MBMJ bag..don't know the style name... I got it a few weeks ago in NY
  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. That is a great start! Hey, when some of us were your age we were using lunch bags for purses..LOL
  4. The leather on that purse looks so buttery. Beautiful. :smile:
  5. Thanks for sharing! The leather DOES look amazing on it!

    Hey, when I was 17years old, I had just 1 coach!
    you have long ways to go, Im sure your collection will grow!
    your definately off to a good start!
  6. thanks for sharing.....
    this is a great start..... when i was 17, i only had a backpack to go to school with..... :smile:
  7. ^^ Me too! At that age, I really didn't care for purses/bags or even fashion. I just remembered making sure I had a blast in sports and school outdoor activities.:sweatdrop:
  8. Very good start! very nice!
  9. i love ur bag :heart:
  10. cute~. and don't worry. i didn't buy bags till college, and now that i'm such a spoiled brat, i justify it by saying, "well at least i didn't spend money in high school" :lol:
  11. Love the bag! When I was 17, I had a backpack and a Nine West purse :biggrin: You're very lucky!
  12. Lovely bag!:yes:

    When i was your age i had just one high street bag, which cost me about £25!

    A great start to your collection!:flowers:
  13. Good start! =)
  14. that's a great start! When I was 17 I was lusting after those tiny signature coach bags. ahahaha
  15. Congratulations! That is a great start for a 17 year old! :upsidedown: