i dunno which bag to get and theres not boutiques here to see

  1. I cant decide whether i want the neverfull gm or the bh!! I want a bag I can put diapers, bottles and kids stuff in since I have two kids and my speedy is starting to get small, but I've heard that the neverfull is kinda cheap looking and feeling! what do you guys think?:confused1:
  2. I don't think it looks cheap at all! I vote for the Neverfull!
  3. I like the neverfull and if imma get one im gonna get the gm but I also like the bh. I wish there was a boutique here
  4. bh if you like the size it's a bit more structured than the neverfull
  5. The BH would be the better choice.
  6. I have the BH and use it as a Baby Bag. I am able to hold diapers and wipes a bottle bag and some toys in it. The buckled straps on the BH kind of stop you from being able to hold a whole whole lot in it.

    When the Neverfull MM has the straps on the side cinched it is about the same size as the BH. I like that the Neverfull can be used in two different ways for different looks.

    Personally I love the way the Neverfull looks and when it comes out in Damier I am going to get the MM size.

    The GM size is pretty huge.
  7. I think that if you could get a bag with leather lining, then it would be easy to wipe otherwise, BH
  8. I really like my BH