I dreamed of Coach

  1. Last night I dreamed that it was Christmas and my aunt gave me a gorgeous Coach wallet. Naturally, this wallet doesn't exist irl, lol. It was dark brown and similar in style to the one in the attached pic except that it had the triple stripes in the center smaller and on both sides of the snap closure. The middle stripe in each set of the three stripes was a gorgeous irridescent snakeskin of brown/blue/violet. I know it's probably hard to picture but for me, I can just see it!

    I'm so mad because I really want this wallet now and it doesn't exist! :hysteric:

    So has anyone else ever dreamed of Coach? Ever literally dreamed up your perfect bag/wallet/shoes, etc. only to awake disappointed that it doesn't exist? Or am I the only crazy one? :p Please share your Coach dreams!
  2. YOU TOO!!! Last night I dreamt of a Clay Gigi. I can't remember any of the other details of the dream. I didn't even think I liked the Gigi. I remember waking up this morning saying 'well...maybe I should give the Gigi a chance:nogood:'
  3. Well I have a Clay Gigi and I love her. But I use her as a bookbag for school, not sure I would carry such a large bag just as an everyday bag.
  4. Really? I just bought a black Mandy and I'm just getting used to her. Anything bigger than that would be too much for an everyday for me.
  5. Ok, I dream of handbags always esp if I am on TPF late at night but 2 nights ago I had a purse nightmare that was very very dark. I dreamed that somebody stole my leather soho hobo and made it into one of those shirts that are like fringy and cut all over the place like that you would by at one of those beachside amusement places like "old orchard beach" or "salisbury beach" (local places) It was frightening ! If I had Freud analyze this dream he would probably say that I obsess too much on handbags and that I am still pissed off that my soho hobo color came off in a spot (see other thread) I though I had let this go but apparently part of me is still angry lol !!!
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    Oh I understand!!! :lol:
  7. Wow, that's frightening but kind of funny too. Thanks for sharing!
  8. I dream about Coach all the time!!!
  9. I dream about Coach when I fall asleep thinking about handbags. LOL I would never tell anyone but you guys though.
  10. Yup a few weeks ago I had a dream that my husband bought me a chocolate signature Carly. I never really even wanted one, but I was so excited about it. When I woke up I was so confused because for a minute I actually thought I had the bag, but realized it was a dream. Then of course I was mad, even though I never really wanted that bag in the first place!!
  11. Ha, just like me! I woke up thinking "Wow, that wallet is so pretty!" Then I realized it was a dream and I don't actually own the wallet that my subconscious made up, lol.
  12. Do you realize that some of our greatest inventions & theories were developed in this manner? I think that Einstein's General & Special Theories of Relativity might have been the result of his dreams.

    If you keep a dream log, you might come up with something Coach may be interested in actually designing! For that matter, you might start with the one you just shared.

    Don't stop now . . . Dream on!
  13. That's kind of cool, I had no idea. Maybe I will try to sketch out the wallet in my dream.
  14. I always dream about coach. When i tell my husband about my coach dreams and tells me i'm so obsessed. its funny.
  15. That is interesting about Einstein, you should definitely sketch your wallet that was in your dream. That would be so cool !