I don't know what to think about this!!!

  1. :confused1:
    So I was walking out of the Coffee Bean across from the Beverly Center this morning and there was a homeless woman walking out in front of me. I tried to hold the door while she went out because she was pulling her suitcase and was struggling with other things she was carrying. Then I walked by her to my car- she had a brown chanel flap and was wearing it messenger style!...the strangest thing- I'm not convinced it was fake!!!
  2. Weird!! Could it be that maybe she wasn't homeless? I don't know that is bizarre!!!
  3. I'm pretty sure, she had a suitcase on wheels and another big bag. She was about 70 years old, my first thought was maybe she wasn't always homeless and maybe had some really bad things happen and that she still had her Chanel...
  5. So sweet of you :angel:!Maybe the bag was of sentimental value to her she wouldn't sell it for all the hardship!:sad:
  6. That happened to me once. I was walking out of an Einsteins Bakery in Boca Raton and I noticed a homeless woman pushing a cart of her belongings and noticed she had a large Fendi duffle bag and a small LV keepall bag. I thought it was the strangest thing as well. But then I thought maybe someone donated it to Goodwill and she picked it up there.

    If you go to Pearl Eye Vision next to the Boca Town Center Mall, there is a donation box for people's old eyeglasses. Its always full of Chanel, Fendi, Valentino, Gucci, etc.

    I almost wish someone would donate to me there old Chanel eyeglasses!
  7. Hm, Chanel flaps have been around for over 50 years so she had plenty of opportunity to acquire it and hold on to it. It is definitelly not something you see every day though. I guess she has good taste.
  8. ahhh, thats got us all wondering now. Maybe somebody saw her and felt bad and gave it to her?, so many possible answers. It sure must have made you look twice tho lol :biggrin:
  9. Wow it could be that she did live a life of buying the finer things, but unfortunate circumstances caused her to become homeless. Nothing is ever promised!
  10. that is strange, maybe she spent sooooo much money on Chanel bags, it caused her to be homeless and she held on to her favorite (lol). I am bad. Not making light of her circumstances. But could not resist.:smile:
  11. WOW..so weird......But kinda sweet in a weird way!