I died and went to Chloe Heaven last night. ROP

  1. If any of you Chloe lovers live in the bay area, definitely take a trip to the Nordstrom's in the Valley Fair mall in San Jose. I couldn't believe how awesome their Chole section is. Bags upon bags upon bags in all colors! Better than I've seen anywhere thus far. Just thought I'd let you ladies know.
  2. Thanks chachigirl! I haven't been their yet, but have seen the Chloe collections at the new SF Bloomies and NM in Union Square. Pretty cool stuff!!
  3. Oooooh i'm so jealous!:yahoo:
    Sounds just like Chloe heaven...:love:
  4. What did they have?
  5. Sounds nice!! Yes please post what bags you saw.:yes: Nordies has really taken the Chloe section to a whole new level. I was expecting to see a great selection at Neimans, but so far Nordies has been the best down in So.Cal as well.:flowers:
  6. Wow! I don't doubt it at all. That is where my Whiskey Paddy came from. :smile: I am really impressed with what Nordies has done with their handbag section. It's FAB!
  7. Nordies seems to be great in CA (I love their SAs, SO helpful!) I ordered a whiskey from them a while ago but it was sent back because of the lock. I wish I lived in CA so I could go to Chloe heaven!!! :girlsigh:
  8. They had tons & tons of Chloe's, especially paddingtons in all different sizes & colors. They had lots of ediths too, even the new bowler styles. I was just amazed at their selection. The high-end section I'd say was occupied by at least 50% Chloe.