I didn't see another place to introduce myself so..

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  1. Hi everyone! I just signed up. I'm so excited to have found a busy forum of fellow purse lovers! Well that's all, have a good night/day =D
  2. Welcome!
  3. where you from??
  4. hi!
  5. Heyy :smile:)
  6. Welcome!!!
  7. Off topic, didn't there used to be some kind of "newbie lounge"? What happened to that?
  8. Welcome! :flowers:
  9. Thanks everyone!! Sorry, I didn't see that! :Push:
  10. It got closed because people were leaving loads of the same comment in a matter of seconds just to make their post count go up! :yes:

    Anyway, welcome!! Have fun in the forum:jammin:
  11. You have posted in several posts a signature with a link to Ebay with your affiliate link (broken image). That is against TOS. Stop it or we have to remove you from the program.
  12. Welcome!!!!!!!!!