I didn't get my Beige Satchel because...

  1. I posted a thread about how I've been wanting a beige bag forever. Well, I finally decided I want the Flat Strap Satchel in Beige but before I could get it my baby came:smile: (Yes, my actual baby). She's a gorgeous baby girl and I adore her! Now I have someone to inherit all my purses LOL.

    Anyway, en route to my Beige HG I ran into a detour, and here she is!
  2. This is my first striptease so someone has to tell me if I'm not doing this right...
  3. Wow..can't wait to see pics!
  4. I was going to get the Modern Chain lucet tote but the chain kept falling off my shoulder...
  5. :huh:o love these "striptease" threads!!! Can't wait to see.

    Most of all, congrats on your beautiful baby girl! She's gorgeous!!!
  6. waiting to see.............:p
  7. can anyone guess???
  8. ^Hmm well I do see a very big chain but I can't guess!
  9. Hmm.... it looks soft, like lambskin!
  10. ^Yup shiny yummy metallic lambskin! Now that I look at it, the chain doesn't look so big haha. More pics!!!
  11. tah dah! :smile:
    DSC01205.jpg DSC01206.jpg
  12. My new Modern Chain lucent flap (at least that's what I was told it's called), modeled by my 4 year-old son who is such a great sport! My little girl is too tiny to do the job for me:lol: He's 3 ft 4 in and weighs 38 lbs:smile:
    DSC01208.jpg DSC01210.jpg DSC01211.jpg
  13. ^Haha woooow I was sooo off! Well, I guess I got the big chain part right LOL. It looks like silver lambskin in the dustbag! How beautiful!!! Is it black? The first picture is rather deceiving, I'm assuming it looks silver because of the flash.
  14. Yes, it's black. I guess the leather is pretty shiny so the flash reflects off it. It's yummy soft leather, the bag is really, really light and I love it!!!
  15. Nice bag :drool: and congratulations on the adorable little girl. She's one lucky girl to have all the bags to inherit!!!!!