I did something bad....HELP!!!

  1. Hey everyone, seeing as you all give great fashion advice i need help! I had a slight shopping spree and bought a bunch of random stuff! I like most of the things in the pics but not too sure if they are tacky looking or what bc i just kinda bought them and didn't really think about it. I'm gonna post pics from Shopbop of everything i bought and help me decide what to keep and return, thanks!
    here are the pics for some of the stuff i'm not too sure about!

    here's the halter top bc i couldn't get the pic to post: http://www.shopbop.com/double-bow-tie-halter-top/vp/v=1/845524441810835.htm?folderID=2534374302072790&fm=browse-category-shopbysize i got the green color

  2. Keep 3 and 4 return the rest!
  3. I really like 3,4, and the haltertop!

    The rest.. Meh.. not feeling them. :sad:
  4. the last three get my vote.
  5. Well honestly the only piece I would keep out of those is the marc Jacobs halter. As for the R.Pally halter its kinda cute but not worth it at all. I seriously think some of that stuff will be on sale in a couple of months.
  6. That Rachel Pally halter is gorgeous!
  7. The Rachel Pally halter is hot! But it's pretty pricey. I'd keep if, but only if you really love it and know you'd wear it a lot. I also like the yellow dress.
  8. you have to return that jacket, it's awful. The dress is a bit cheap looking. Love #3 and 4 though! the MJ is SO pretty!
  9. I like 3, 4, 5 and the haltertop in green.
  10. Keep 3 and 5 and return the rest.
  11. I LOVE the yellow dress, the red top in the last pic and the green halter top....
  12. Definitely 4 and 5! So cute!
  13. The halter top is TDF! I also like the yellow dress and the red top. The rest seems kinda plain to me.
  14. i like # 3 and 4!
  15. depends on your style but i don't like 2 because it looks cheap, 3 b/c the color is not really flattering. definitely return the halter top - i could make that for you for 10 dollars