I DID IT... my new collection kicks off with a Breif!

  1. So I sold all my Bals at the start of this year... and I've been searching for the perfect Balenciaga to have as my own again.

    I didnt want to go over-the-top this time around - I want to be sensible, and find an affordable Balenciaga that will satisfy me enough so I wont need to buy one every couple of months.

    And I have found it!

    I initally was going to purchase a Violet Step from another lovely PF'er. But circumstances at the time left me cashless and bagless...

    Now - a couple of weeks later, I found myself with "some" money (leave payout), and a good deal that I can afford.

    So here she is... :wlae:

    My BLACK BREIF that will be on her way to me shortly.

    A BIG difference from a Violet Step, I know, but for US$705, I couldnt help myself and I think its a classic colour and design that will keep me happy. I've never tried the breif, so I hope she looks good!

    Only bummer is, she doesnt come with her cards (hence the price) but I plan on keeping this baby forever!




  2. Aw, that's great congrats.......and welcome back to Bal loveliness!!:yes:
  3. Congrats on your new bag. :tup:

    Brief is very roomy and practical bag. It's a good start for your new collection.
  4. I think the brief is a fabulous yet sensible bag. Congrats and welcome back to bbags!!
  5. Congrats!! i remember last year when you sold your lovely navy twiggy, etc..and now you are back with a beautiful bag, I love the brief its very practical and lovely, you are going to love it!!!!!!
  6. congrats!
  7. Yay you're back! I love the brief its such a cool shape!
  8. Congrats....and fabulous price!!!! Welcome back :smile:
  9. i have a brief and i'm sure your going to love yours! Congrats on your new bag at such a great price!
  10. congrats! good to have your head on your shoulders :tup: i'm sure the bag'll serve you well :yes:
  11. Congrats! A great style in a great colour!
  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I will always have a special place in my heart for you fashion-cult! I am so glad that you found such a lovely piece.

    I didn't know that the cards were so important. I just throw them all into a Manolo Blahnik shoe box along w/ extra tassles and their mirrors....whoops.

    OT: Is there a new boyfriend yet????
  13. congrats!!
  14. Congrats! Be sure to post more pics/modeling pics when you get her so we can all drool!!
  15. That bag is so gorgeous and versatile, it definately was a good purchase. Congrats!!