I did it. I canceled my order for the LE Magenta City

  1. It was once my holy grail bag, so I ordered it immediately. Then I decided I was over it and probably just ordered it cause I got caught up in the excitement of it all. It would have ended up on eBay anyway. ~phew!~ boy, do I feel better! (and so does my american express card!)
  2. good for you! i wish i could have the same common sense, not re: the magenta, but about b-bags overall. you are very level headed and i have a feeling a lot of those bags are going to be showing up on eBay...
  3. I know...sometimes I get caught up in the excitement and then I have to calm down and think "do I REALLY want this?". I have aquired too many bags because other people liked them and them I'm stuck having to try and sell them.:push:
  4. good for you girl! one less bag to list on eBay.
  5. Good for you Donna. My first instinct was, "WOW I want one!" I just couldn't justify the purchase. It wouldn't go with my clothing options. I don't wear pinks, browns.
  6. Donna I guess if you were not really dying to get one there was no point spending all that money!

    Does anyone know when they will start sending them out?
  7. Wise decision! I thought about getting one since I was getting caught up in the excitement, but didn't because I knew I wouldn't use her. Your AmEx must feel relieved.
  8. Good decision, Donna! When I first saw the thread about the LE Magenta I was ready to call my SA at BalNY just to get one. Then, I thought, that I would NEVER use a magenta handbag...I'd have it in a SLG, but nothing as big as a City.

    Save the AmEx expense on something you KNOW you'll really use...
  9. Congrats, Donna! It's very important that you made the rational choice about it- after all, it's not so clever to buy expensive things that you're not sure you'll love and use!
  10. Oh, Donna: I actually did the same thing on Monday. I guess I was feeling guilty over the weekend about how nice DH was on my birthday and Mother's Day. And I just didn't know if I loved it or I was just caught up in the excitement of it all. I was a little worried that they would say too late to cancel but I got a very nice email from Kim today saying not a problem.

    I think you (and I) made the right decision. I figure there will be a bunch of them on Ebay right after they start delivering for people having buyer's remorse.
  11. You can always change your mind later:graucho:
  12. That's true. Although I am wondering what will happen at the trunk show. Has anyone seen the magenta city on Ebay right now? It is funny because the seller commented on how much interest she has had in the bag and she is guessing they no longer make this color because of it. I would guess she won't get more than the cost of the new one but I could be wrong.
  13. I canceled my order also..the magenta is pretty in small doses IMO. Wish they would do a clutch or a first in magenta.
  14. i've been going back and forth too but i think i'll stick to it. hope it won't be hard to sell if i end up not loving it. :sweatdrop:
  15. you are strong... :amazed: