I couldn't wait for Grafitti Never F in green so come and take a look whats inside...


Jun 8, 2008
Hello fellow members and friends i was going to get the the Grafitti NF GM in Green or The NF GM Palm Beach as a beach and shop around tote an I couldn't make my mind up so i went for something totally different and more unique I had a feeling there will be too many grafitti out there and i like rare items not to mention i can't see myself using the graffiti for a long time.Thank you everyone for all your opinions and help I am very happy and in love with what i chose and i dont have to wait any longer for the realease of the NF i might just end up getting a zippy coin just to have something from this line for my collection.I love shoulder bags more then anything so i tought what i got is perfect for me.I took quick photos hope you enjoy them they are not as good as some of the fellow members in here but ohhh well and i quick action shot.:yahoo: