I chopped my hair off

  1. My bob grew out I got fed up I was tying it back all the time so I decided to chop it off

    TA DA!!!
    SA400376.JPG SA400377.JPG
  2. It looks awesome on you! You're too cute!
  3. you look amazing with that hair style:tup:
  4. It looks fab...It suits your face perfectly. Very chic! Great decision!
  5. Oh, now that is adorable, really lovely style on you :tup:
  6. Love it! It looks amazing on you! I wish I had the guts to do that!! :woohoo:
  7. so cute! i love it, really compliments u
  8. LA-it looks great on you!
  9. You look fabulous! I wish my hair was that straight and sleek. Way to go!!
  10. wow Label Addict, you look so glamourous!! love it!!
  11. thank you guys here's a comparison pic for those that didn't know the before
    Shirley 1.jpg
  12. it looks great!
  13. Looks super cute-
  14. You look stunning! I love that cut on you.
  15. Lovely hair style! It is perfect for you!