i can't wait...

  1. till we can SO damier azur. i saw a mono mini noe in LV tuesday night and it was so freakin cute...i want it in azur :sad: guess i will have to wait another year for that...*sigh*
  2. We sooo have the same taste. That's what I want mini one too in Azur!!!
  3. ^^^ lol rileygirl we really do! everytime i say i want something you're like me too! and i love ur whole collection! lol.
  4. That'd be super cute!!
  5. It's funny because I am not a fan of the Reg or the petite Noe but adore the mini and think azur looks best in small quantities (I only have the mini pochette).
  6. ^^^ i'm the same way. i don't like petite noe, or regular noe, or the multicolor noe. none of them. but i had mini on my arm the other night and i was like :tender: i need this. but i feel very done with monogram as of right now and must wait until i can get it in azur. hopefully they won't discontinue it by then or something :s and i won't have azur in any big bags since i only now want it in hampstead pm. although i think the keepall is beautiful, but not on my list :smile:
  7. I would love one in Azur.
  8. I think that would be so cute!
  9. I would love that too.
  10. it would be toooo cute!
  11. Wow I never thought of that. Hmm somthing to think about. I always thought how much i would love a papillion in the azur. I hope LV adds more bags to this pattern soon
  12. ^^^ i'd want a mini pap in azur, but they don't make that style anymore :sad: i got the mono one when it was around, but it came out fast and was discontinued not long after. :cry:
  13. How nice would that be?!
  14. *sniff* *tear* *sniffle* they discontinued the mini pap??
  15. a mini noe in azur with 30% markup would be...$806 plus tax. i'd pay it.