I can't stop thinking about it....

  1. So, my DH got me the Framboise agenda as an early Bday present (bday is Nov 18th) because we thought they might be sold out of the color by the time it rolled around and I said I would be happy w/that and not get a bag. We are going to Las Vegas for my bday and our anniversary for 4 days and all I keep thinking about is the Monogram Speedy 25. I thought about the Damier Speedy but already have a Parioli in that print so wanted something different. And what better way to remember our Vegas trip w/getting a new bag that has LV on it, right??? (LV for Las Vegas and Louis Vuitton) I think I need to get it....
  2. get it!!!!!!!! i just got one like a week ago and I love it love it love it!!!!!!
  3. You should so get it! It's such a cute and classic bag.
  4. I think that would be great! Hope you enjoy your trip regardless, and your birthday! :yahoo:
    Maybe you could make it an early christmas gift????:smile:
  5. Ooh yes, I like this idea! :yes:
  6. If you love it, get it. It will haunt you until you get it. LOL.
  7. Get it! I ordered mine yesterday before the price increase :yahoo: it is on its way!
  8. If I do get it, I think I'm going to wait and get it in Vegas so it will be more memorable....plus hubby might be more williing to let me get it since we'll be on vacation.
  9. Knowing my husband, I would definitely suggest getting it at the Las Vegas store... and make it like you just thought of it. :idea: Like, oh this would be SO PERFECT to ALWAYS remember this romantic trip with him:love:!

    My hubbie is more of a sucker :shrugs:for destination gifts versus saying I want this LV purse... and oops I want this one too even though I SWORE that was the last one... he he he (something I do tend to pull a lot, :shame:not that I'm trying to, I just find some LV purse that I've seen a thousand times and insist that I DONT like, but suddenly looks so irrisitable to me after seeing pics of people w/it... this forum helps with that...) :graucho:
  10. My husband actually bought my first lv in Vegas at Caeser's palace LV. I loved the LV reference to las vegas, too! My husband said they're very good in there. The girls actually modeled several bags for him since I wasn't there to help him choose. Get it!!! Speedys are awesome!
  11. Go for it, is a timeless bag!
  12. A Speedy is something you HAVE to get! It's a classic!!!
  13. ITA! besides it's so fun to shop in Vegas....
  14. Get it! No need to think about this one...oh maybe either betwen 25 and 30, but defiitely cannot go wrong with the classic ones...
  15. I have the Mono Speedy 25 and I ADORE it....as does everyone else who has one I'm pretty sure!!

    You can't go wrong!!! Get it!!