I Can't Make Up My Mind...

  1. Should I get the multicolor petite noe in the white or the black? I have the speedy and pti in black, and I love the color, but I'm afraid of the white getting dirty.:blink:
  2. Get the white! Just be careful where you put the bag down and think ahead to what you will be doing when you use it.
  3. white!! I think the white MC makes the colors soo much prettier. I can't stand the black
  4. Feel free to input.
  5. I would say black, it's beautiful :yes:
  6. I say the white! It's not as hard to care for than you think. I have the MC White Alma and its held up pretty good.
  7. I would say black because your wallet will match, But i also think the white noe is beautiful!
  8. The petite noe has the vachetta bottom on it... let trade has one up for sale right now.
  9. Just because it's white doesn't mean it will get dirty easily. I am a white MC freak and my bags are just as clean as the day I bought it.
  10. I have two kids and one is 13 months.:shocked:
  11. more input please.
  12. I would go with the white.
  13. I'd still go with the white.
  14. White of course.
  15. I'd go with white for that particular bag because it would be perfect for summer. :biggrin: