I can't live without my...

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  1. ohoh.. love your collection!
  2. u have a lovely collection kimber :yes:

    i can't live without my black w/ bw MAM (it was my first RM bag)
    i should be getting it back tomorrow from the repair dept :smile:

    i :heart: my wine mini nikki too, so dont misunderstand :P
  3. ^my two lovely babies are shown on my avatar :smile:
    this pic was taken a week before i sent my MAM for repair
  4. Forest Mini Nikki-- soon to be joined by Yellow with old hw. Goes with everything, not too heavy, not to small. Mini Nikki is THE bag for me.

  5. Love you mini mabs but I can't live without my nikki's a tthis point the mini nikki is the bag I love!
  6. these 3 babies
  7. I can't live without my Chocolate Mini Nikki!

  8. Wine Nikki, Navy Luxe Nikki and Concord MAM :love:
  9. Scarlet and Noir Mini Nikki's! :love: And of course my MACs!
  10. My Dusty and Wine MAMs! :heart: I couldn't possibly pick between them. I mean, look how smooshy and delicious they are! :love:
  11. Juicy stack, Luna!! And, I like everyone's faves too!

    I can't live without my Wine MAB, Sea Green MAM, and White BW MAB... although my Night Rose is an essential for going out. It's hard to choose just one.
  12. OMG! Ivy........those bags are beautiful!
  13. kimalee-----beautiful mini nikki! I can't believe it does not look too much smaller than
    a regular size nikki!
  14. luna-love your pile!