I cant decide............

  1. i am now :hysteric:
    i need you guys opinion desperately......:crybaby:
    about 1 1/2 month ago i orderd a Epi Speedy 25 Mocha,after the long waiting finally yesterday i got a email form LV with the subjet "Order Arrived" :wtf: but.....now i am kind of having second thought as i am now so much in love with the Chanel Caviar classic Jumbo flap bag :girlsigh:
    I am planning to save up till september(if i cancer the speedy 25 mocha) and get the Chanel Classic Jumbo flap,
    also the speedy 25 is half the price of the Chanel Calssic falp,
    i can only afford to get 1 bag but which one then...:rolleyes: no doubt that the speedy 25 mocha will goes well with me as i am a very casual and daytime person :yes:

    i am really now :hysteric: and :crybaby:
  2. Get the chanel, the moka is beautiful but it will be always there. Save for the chanel :P
  3. I agree....
    Get the chanel
  4. Well, one thing to consider is that the moka color has been discontinued, as you prolly know.
  5. I'll have to go with Epi, the color is sooo yummy!:nuts:
  6. i did asked the LV SA when i placed the orderd and she seem to know nothings abt the Mocha colour going to be discontinued or already discontinued in some region :shrugs:
  7. i keep asking myself time and time again is the Chanel Classic Jumbo flap will be right for me :wondering as i dress casual all the time and also i am a daytime person :beach:
  8. +agree :yes:
  9. I would go ahead with the speedy, I, like you, dress casual 99% of the time, and I would feel too dressy if I wore a classic Chanel flap everyday. But if your heart is set on the Chanel, you should follow it
  10. If you won't use the Chanel as an every day bag I think it's not worth the price. As you said you're a day time person (me too) I would get the speedy because you'll probably using this more than the Chanel. It's a hard decision but the Chanel will always be there so you can buy it next year.
  11. Mocha is the epi color that HAS been discontinued (according to many SAs I spoke to). Get the epi bag. I think speedy can be used more often = $$$ well spent!:yes:
  12. i agree with the epi...
    epi speedy is gorgeous :P
  13. I vote for the Mocha Epi Speedy too! It's such a pretty color and you can dress it up or down.
  14. Chanel can be worn casually. I say get the Chanel.:yes:
  15. Get the mocha speedy. I love that color! Just out of curiousity, why did it take a month and a half for them to find you one? Are they that rare?