I can't decide on a dress...

  1. I need help :confused1:

    I need a dress for a close friend's evening wedding (I'm in southern california so it's very warm)... I've come across these, but can't decide between them... what do you think? BUT, if you have any other ideas, pleaseee share!!! It's a month away but have started stressing already. Have already bought one dress from Anthropologie and just not happy with it, so I'm on the hunt!

    Shoshanna - Satin Trim Jersey Mini Dress - Saks.com
    David Meister - Empire Mini Dress - Saks.com
    Elie Tahari Della Dress - Party Dress - Neiman Marcus
    Trina Turk - Camino Mini Dress - Saks.com
  2. I like the second and third the best. They are all cute! Good choices!
  3. Maybe I'm a prude but all those dresses seem a bit short? I would go with something at least knee-length, and perhaps in a lighter color (pastel, light brown, etc). I don't know how you feel about grey or silver, but that is also another possibility. I have a friend getting married next month, and I will be wearing a grey dress.

    Edit: I posted a picture of my grey dress in another thread. Here it is:

  4. I like #2 the best, #1 second-best.
  5. wow, great choices! i would go with #1 or #2:smile:
  6. I like 1 for a casual wedding, 2 for a formal wedding, and 3 would work for both I think. I agree with littlepanda about the color though - they're all pretty dark except for 3.
  7. I like #3!
  8. I love #2!
  9. Number 2!!!! Its TDF!
  10. Those all look too short for wedding, especially and evening wedding.
  11. I like the 2nd one
  12. I have to agree with the majority. Number 2 is really darling. They are all so cute though. You have really great taste. Hehe maybe you should be the one giving fashion advice. Anywho, I personally would buy ALL of them. They would make great date night dresses kwim. :nuts:

    ETA: I find them all a bit short too. But I'm assuming that's accepted practice in your area. If so they're perfect. When I was in the Caribbean, short was A-OK for weddings.
  13. i'd go with the second! it's too cute.
  14. It feels like we are all yelling at you!! But, I looove 3 and 4.
  15. i like No.3