I can't decide.....Ivory or Bronze stam?

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Ivory or Bronze Stam?

  1. Ivory

  2. Bronze

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. help!! sos!! lol
  2. I vote for the bronze.
  3. I vote for Ivory. =)
  4. I think Ivory has a longer shelf life, but the bronze is just so beautiful!
  5. I agree! Actually, the bronze color is kind of "vintage" looking so I almost see it bypassing the metallics trend. And the metallic is really subtle and nice. It's not blingy at ALL.
  6. Ivory. :smile:
  7. Bronze i love it against the hardware. looks so ROCKSTAR:biggrin:
  8. def. bronze!..I got one and it's gorgeous! The color seems to change depending on lighting. :smile: