I can't believe what happened yesterday

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  1. The one thing about ordering from Coach is I almost always have to go pick it up from Fed Ex but yesterday they left my 598.00 minus my PCE Cabin bag on the front porch for the world to take or see. I was shocked....they have never done this...must be the christmas season.

    I got the Cabin bag which is far bigger than I thought it would be and the Hippie bag in black. I'm happy with my new stuff but now I see the other stuff coming out and I'm in Heaven. My husband wishes Coach would just stop so we could not have 2 closets full of purses...I thought I would make him happy by buying the Cabin bag instead but no he's still a tad bit unhappy. The last time I ordered a purse from Kate Spade he was really angry till he realized it was for him. Take care and everyone have a great day.
  2. hmm...Christmas season or not I don't think Coach would want them to leave something on someone's front porch for a stranger to take. When I ordered my first bag from Coach & had it shipped I had to be home to receive it, anything (I think) over $100.00 someone has to be home to get the package.
    Anyways, glad you got your bag!! Congrats!! Can you post pics??
  3. Have you signed a waiver with FedEx allowing them to leave anything at your door? I think it's called "Signature on File" or something?
  4. Glad to hear that it arrived safely and that you love it. I know what you mean about seeing the new stuff coming out. I haven't even received the stuff I ordered from the PCE and am interested in the new stuff in the upcoming catalog. It's a sickness I tell you:lol:
  5. Glad that you got it. I saw some of the upcoming bags and i was in love with them. Enjoy the bags!
  6. Fed Ex always leaves my stuff because I signed a waiver...but when its a bigger box (like my hamptons business tote) they leave it at the back door so its more hidden.
  7. When we know something is arriving at my house, we put a post-it on the front door asking the person to leave the package inside the service door to our garage. *shrug* we've never had any problems with packages being left on our front steps though
  8. Our delivery people just throw everything in the ditch along our long driveway... So I feel your pain.
  9. I wish they did this to me with my shipment. :sad: I was expecting my framed legacy leather wallet today and instead I get home to find a Fed Ex note on my door saying that an "in person" signature is required in order for them to deliver the package. I figure, no problem, I'll just go tonight and pick it up. Fed Ex told me that because of the Christmas holiday they will not allow me to go to their facility to pick up the package (which I have been able to do in the past many times). They told me that I have to be at home when the driver stops by, so that I can sign for it "in person". :cursing: I am livid with Fed Ex. I mean, at least let me leave a signature for them to leave it at my door, or give me the option of allowing me to go to their facility and physically pick up the package myself. Nope, they will absolutely not let me do that. Now I have to take a day off of work to stay home and wait for the Fed Ex guy. :rant: :mad: :censor: So, needless to say, I'm in a "Down with Fed Ex" mood! :death:
  10. That's just ridiculous. But at least you will be getting your wallet tomorrow. My order was delayed -- nobody knows why -- so it finally shipped almost a week after I purchased it. My stuff just went from Jacksonville, FL yesterday to Memphis, TN today and when it is going to reach me in PA, I don't have a clue. I've been on pins and needles waiting for FedEx to show up:nuts: .
  11. Careful what you wish for ladies. Fed Ex recently told me that they don't need a signature for home deliveries anymore. That was after they SAID that my husband's replacement ipod had been delivered (we hadn't seen it.) Apple said if we didn't return the defective one they would charge us full price since Fed Ex SAID it had been delivered, even WITHOUT a signature. So we returned the defective ipod and I bought him another ipod.

    The box showed up on our front porch three weeks later! I sold that one on ebay.

    I send everything to my office now - where someone can sign for it and they can't drop it off outside of business hours.
  12. Thanks HOH! And, yep, I can't wait to see the wallet! I'm on pins and needles. Funny thing - Fed Ex did the same thing to me with the wallet to begin with. Coach sent me an initial e-mail saying that it would be delivered Dec 7th. On the morning of Dec 7th, I checked the tracking again and it all of a sudden changed to a delivery date of Dec 12th. :wtf: I was like... WTH?

    Anyway, post pictures when you get your package! :smile:
  13. ]

    You can also request that the shipper not require a signature for FedEx to drop off a package. That's what I did for the package I'm expecting from Coach...I wasn't sure I'd be home to sign and things have been left on my porch before with no problems so Coach agreed to ship without the signature being required.
  14. You should be able to sign the delivery note they left, leave it on the door and they should leave your package.
  15. Glad I'm not the only one feeling the anger....but at least we all get our stuff..I have always had to sign in the past that is part of the reason I love them and Hate that UPS just leaves it there...for all to take.