I can't believe this!!!!!!!!! :-(

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  1. OMG, I can't believe this. :cry: I was taking pics of my new Damier Speedy that I got today...(that I re-purchased). I was thrilled, and still am with it!

    But I noticed a lil flaw/mark on 1 of the handles...like a touch up or defect of some sort. OMG!:amazed: :cry: I can't believe this. I finally get it "again" and it has this weird mark on it.

    I emailed eluxury a few mins. ago....So we'll see what they say. I'd like to ship it back to them and have them send me another. Am I being too picky?? Would you just keep it like this?

  2. Nope I would return for a new one :yes:
  3. Whoa definitely return it for a flawless one! If your paying for a luxurious, well-made handbag then that should be what you receive, not something with a flaw.:biggrin::flowers:
  4. i would return it too!!!!!!!
  5. :yes: Definately return it for a flawless one!:heart:
  6. Oh, that's too bad:sad: . Definitely return it . You paid too much for the bag:noworry: .
  7. I'd return it in a hurry.
  8. YOu have to return it. Don't accept anything less than perfect :yes:
  9. Maybe you'll get one from France again.
  10. I'm sorry this happened, I know you were really excited about getting the Damier Speedy again. But definately return it for a perfect condition one. Feel better!:flowers:
  11. I know huh? LOL! Yep, that definitely popped into my mind.:idea: Maybe I'm meant to have one from France, LOL who knows? I hate having to go thru this whole shipping back n' fourth thing. GRR!:rant: I've been waiting all wk. for it to get here. The day finally comes...then this happens. <sigh> Well, I guess I'll see what happens when I hear from them.
  12. I would not think twice about returning it. We paid the due amount of dough for a piece of LV and it is only right that the bag should come scratchless, spotless. Any slight imperfections should not be tolerated!
  13. Awww, I'll try.....Thank You!!!!!!!:smile:
  14. Thank You all for your support and kind replies!!:yes: :smile:

    It's just soooo frustrating. :sad: The feeling of "things unfinished"...having to send it back, go thru the whole return process, and then do the waiting game all over again. :yucky:

    Then I think "Do I want to go thru the whole process of sending it back, etc.?" <sigh> But then...I'm like...."that darn lil spot is going to bug me forever...." So I guess I have no choice but to send it back especially after paying that much for it. Just sucks though.
  15. I know what you mean about the hassle on returning things. I first bought the mono speedy 30 and thought it was too big, so I exchanged it for the 25. Now I just ordered the 30 again. BUT, I'm still keeping my 25. What the heck right?
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