I can't believe this Speedy Graffiti is going for this much!!!!

  1. holy smokes~
  2. That IS expensive. Especially once it's converted into my Australian dollars!!!!
  3. Hmmm...I agree with you :huh:

    However, the seller wouldn't do this if she knew it wasn't going to sell. eBay fees would be a killer and nobody else is going to bid on top of it.
    Unless the seller had seller remorse and decides she doesnt want to sell it anymore. But i highly doubt it for that price.

    It is a discountinued line and maybe both buyer think its rational to purchase it. Bidding war at it's peak? hmmm...
  4. OMG!!! Should I resell mine?!:shocked:

    J/K:lol: I COULD NEVER!!!
  5. WOW! Holy moly. Maybe people are desperate since its limited edition? I dont know, I dont know anything about LV. Maybe its a few people who have been searching for it for a long, long time.
  6. I have a Speedy Graffiti and I search ebay every now and then to see the going prices and I NEVER SAW IT THIS HIGH!!!!!!!!! Graffiti Keepall goes for that much or less...
  7. I love the Graffiti line and would love to get one.
  8. Probably shilling!
  9. wow!
  10. I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Probably shilling
  11. never this high...
  12. that's what I don't get about these autions. How come if you look at the bidders, it's the same person that keeps bidding with noone inbetween that person's bids?? Example:


    how does that happen??
  13. That is absolutley CRAZY!
  14. I also wondered why it was going so high. If it retailed for $450 back in 2001, it would be silly to bid as high as it is going for. It is a great bag, but its not in MINT condition.