I can't believe they let me do this, and this is why I love Tiffany

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  1. So I've heard from a few ladies on the forum that Tiffany is extremely flexible, allowing them to exchange their ring after a few months of wear, and upgrading to bigger carat, etc, and I always thought what excellent customer service! However, I must say I am beyond amazed by Tiffany's customer service having to experience this first hand. Back in May before my Bali trip, I had purchased a Soleste from Tiffany as a vacation ring since my anniversary ring wasn't ready for pickup then. They had a gorgeous .77 Fancy Yellow with IF clarity so I bought it thinking well, I can always upgrade to a 1.1-1.2ct Fancy Intense next year which is really what I wanted and since Tiffany has this wonderful upgrade policy, it would be easy.
    The past week, I happened to pass by the boutique so I randomly went it to browse and of course, I ran into my SA who was extremely helpful, long story short, she had a 1.16 FI in the store and located me a 1.20 FI for comparison purpose.
  2. ....where are the pics???
  3. Hi Ame, you are so funny =) Pics are coming
  4. [​IMG]

    Bottom 1.16 FI
    Top My .77 FY
  5. :whistle:unpatiently waiting!!!!
  6. oooh lovely! so they let you exchange it right there and then!? that's amazing!
  7. Ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh......
  8. :amazed:
  9. Nice!
  10. Sorry ladies, had a conference call.
    bottom 1.20 FI
    top my .77 FY
  11. Difference between the 1.16 and 1.20 both in FI and VS quality is only $600.......
  12. I believe this is the 1.20 vs 1.16, man, even I am confused by these pictures and it's crazy how big the 1.20 is even though it is only .04 carat difference
  13. Wow, that new size makes a REALLY big difference. It is FANTASTIC! Congrats!!!
  14. I think if you back up from your had a bit, the fingers and ring will come into focus.
  15. [​IMG]