I can't believe how cheap it is to buy a house in Florida!

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  1. Well…after a long Canadian winter, and a week is Florida, it makes me wonder why I live where I do. I mean, I love Canada, our healthcare is exceptional, but the cost of living is high. My house is a fairly nice 2300 sq. foot home, that sells for about $ 360 000 (maybe higher ) here. I was floored to see that I could buy about the same size house in southwest Florida (Punta Gorda/Fort Myers) for about $ 150 000. They also have huge yards and no neighbours stuck 5 feet on each side of your house. I know the American economy is to blame for such cheap real estate..and now I am looking to buy a house there (winter home) because of the ridiculous low pricing.

  2. Those prices are not due to the American economy, they're due to the area you're looking. I live near DC and a 2300 sq ft town home is well over half a million.

    If the Florida pricing were similar in California, I'd own a home there in 2.9 seconds!!! ☺️
  3. Well I wouldn't want to live just anywhere in the US. Florida is great! California is too hot and too busy for my liking! My brother in law live in NY ( million dollar condo in manhattan that was 800 sq feet), no thanks. My thread was to say how cheap it is to buy a home in Florida! Every third house on the street in many areas were for sale. Lots of foreclosures.
  4. most of Florida is way hotter than most of California, just FYI. southern florida in the summer (and they have long summers) is no joke.
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  6. Not all of CA is hot year-round. You must be thinking of southern CA or inland. Here in SF we're in the mid 60s most of the time.

    And I would never want to live in FL -- the humidity is brutal. Yuck. No humidity here in CA.

  7. I'm from California and would love to go back! ;) Carmel, Big Sur, La Jolla, Del Mar, Carlsbad....yes please!

    Totally agree with the humidity in Florida. You couldn't pay me to live there. Mold infestation 😷☺️
  8. The beauty of being a Canadian...spend winters in Florida when it isn't super hot, but no snow , then come home and enjoy our summers here, where again not super hot but 28-30 Celsius ( you Americans really have to get with the times and go metric by the way, lol) . Snowbirds get the best of both worlds! After a couple months across the border I've had my fill anyway ;)
  9. I would never want to live in Florida. I agree with all of the above. I'm originally from PA and NC is about as south as I want to be - the most beautiful mountains and coastline. We have our share of critters but nothing like the horrors that inhabit Florida! We see the occasional gator but it's rare and it is usually due to some idiot who had it as a pet besides in bald head island - another place that is heavenly. We spent last weekend at the grove park and the entire time, I kept thanking my lucky stars that I call NC home. To each their own but it seems tacky to be critical of where people call home. But since that the topic, I would never live in Canada! We occasionally go up to our friends private island in Canada to escape the heat but it's so cold. The st. Lawrence river even in August is frigid. I could never deal with that. I have to wear more winter clothes in August there than I usually do during the winters in NC - and Fahrenheit is just fine with me as a simple math problem that they do teach us in elementary school. Besides, what fun music has ever referenced Celsius - 37.22 in the shade would be atrocious
  10. I agree, it's not the economy as much as the specific area. Do you want to be on a street/are where "everyone is foreclosing"?
    In most cities you can get 2300 sq ft for $150k on one side of the city and $900k on the other side. You get what you pay for :biggrin:
  11. Why is everybody at OP's throat?
    I would never want to buy real estate in FL but each to their own. If you think it is a place for you, go right ahead. I bought a beautiful plot in MT, and most people thought I was nuts but I love it. And that's what counts in the end: what works for you. Good luck!
    Oh, and originating from continental Europe I sympathise with your sentiments about the metric system.
  12. "Why is everybody at OP's throat?"

    I don't think everyone is at the OP's throat,but I do understand the quick responses to maybe "defend" this topic. First of all, the word used multiple times by the OP is "cheap" opposed to how "inexpensive" or how "affordable it is for me". Then statements like, "I know the American economy is to blame for such cheap real estate..and now I am looking to buy a house there (winter home) because of the ridiculous low pricing." , "( you Americans really have to get with the times and go metric by the way, lol)" and "After a couple months across the border I've had my fill anyway."can ruffle feathers of proud Americans such as I. I know the OP is entitled to his/her opinion, but I am too and it comes across arrogant and rude.
    If I were to say how ridiculously cheap some part of Canada was and how you Canadians need to get with United States customary units, I'm sure I'd get a response or two (or three....)

  13. Yep, this.
  14. I can't believe everyone is hating on Florida! After this never-ending winter, I wish I lived there!
  15. Wouldnt be in too be a hurry to move there, its almost hurricane season!!