I cannot believe how fake this is

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  1. Did any of you see this fake seafoam city on eBay???? It's item number 6859917553[​IMG][​IMG]

    It is sooooo fake and is up to over 800! I couldn't believe this
  2. Yep, I saw it. Its just one of the 5 billion fakes on e-bay.
  3. That's awful. I am seriously tempted to email the high bidder and tell her it is a fake.
  4. Me too! Is it allowed to email bidders?
  5. Nope. Unfortunately eBay considers this 'auction interference'.
  6. I don't think so...I actually think you can have your account suspended for doing so, which is what is holding me back.
  7. wow, that's rotten. at least I can report the auction...poor winner of this will be so disapointed
  8. I am seriously baffled...:amazed: ...for a few hundred more she could have a real Balenciaga City. I want to email her so badly...:evil:
  9. unfortunately the winner will probably still think that it's real...i mean from the pictures it's obviously fake but they must not be properly educated. :Push:
  10. guys, I wouldn't contact the highest bidder if I were you- because it could possibly be the seller on another account or some friends of theirs. just my 2 cents.
  11. Totally agree, please see my post the weirdest eBay experience thread.
    I was very close to getting ripped off by shill bidding.
  12. Oh yeah...looking at the bidders, the high bidders have very few feedbacks...i think the high bidder has only one. Either it's a totally inexperienced ebayer or...the seller/seller's friend.

    it is SO hard to navigate all the fake bags, I'm really grateful for this board, it's taight me a lot
  13. " it's taight me a lot"

    Um, i mean taught:shame:
  14. :lol: :lol: :lol: it looks almost plastic
  15. Gosh. I seriously pity the winner :cry:
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