I came home with an orange bag today...

  1. I walked into the store with only the intention of sniffing the other fragrances in the Hermessence range, and ended up walking out with a whole big bottle of Rose Ikebana.

    I can't even say it's my first Hermes purchase - because SO picked up the tab (he was feeling guilty over making me mighty upset last night - I guess this is a good start if he knows orange makes me happy? :graucho:) Looks like I need to start working on my actual first purchase.

    I saw a lady with a shocking pink Karo, and I was soooo tempted to snatch it out of her hads :nuts:
  2. My favorite scent. I have the same bottle and I seem to spray it everywhere. congrats.
  3. Wonderful!!! Enjoy your new fragrance!
  4. OOH so nice! love the packaging!
  5. Enjoy!! Congrats!
  6. Yummy!!
  7. Congratulations!
  8. Rose Ikebana is my favorite too! Enjoy your new fragrance!!!!!
  9. i love rose ikebana!
  10. pyrexia, I need that big beautiful bottle!!

    Rose Ikebana was the first H fragrance I actually fell in love with enough to purchase.....I still enjoy it although I have since fallen for others.

    What a perfectly wonderful H purchase!
  11. Welcome to the orange side.. I guess MrsS' orange vibes did work after all ;)
  12. Thank you so much ladies! :yes: Unfortunately, I seem to have caught some bug so the scent is lost on me right now :crybaby:

    princessfrog - I think she sent them to SO instead!LOL :nuts:
  13. How wonderful! It's even more wonderful that it was a gift - a nice prelude of things to come?????:graucho:
  14. We need a smelling function here! Congratulations on smelling so sweet . . .
  15. I'm wearing mine now; it's wonderful stuff! Enjoy!!!