I came home last night carrying...

  1. The Abbey script canvas bag. Ok, I know, I know, the LV is more classic etc, but I couldn't not resist a good deal! I also had $400HK ($52) worth of coupons for a department store called Sogo, so my bag only cost me $3730 ($484US) :yahoo: HK down from the sale price of $4130, $537US (original price $5900, $766US). After reading some not-so-positive comments on it, I'm not as excited about it anymore, but I still like it a lot.

    Anyway, the canvas I think looks a lot better in real life. I love the shape of the bag as well, it'll be great for weekends. My next bag, for sure will be the LV Epi montaigne... that is unless I get caught in another sale! It's going to be a long, painful wait...
    DSC00621.JPG DSC00620.JPG
  2. I think it looks pretty cute!! I didn't know that you could use dept. store coupons in the HK places.. hmm.. I need to 'talk' to my aunt the next time I go visit HK!!! lol!! I think she has some sort of discount card there?
  3. Thanks! Actually, the Gucci store was in Sogo (the department store). The shop is operated directly by Gucci so there's no further discounts/sales like in Neiman Marcus, Saks etc, but the good thing is, I redeemed $400 Sogo coupons from my bank and you can use it for any shop in there. Just a word of warning though! Check out the flagships first! The Sogo store is the smallest store in Hong Kong! :p
  4. congrats!!!! As long as you love it that is all that matters
  5. i think its super cute! congrats!
  6. oo la la...its nice!
  7. I've never seen it before!!! definitely cute and for sucha great price!!!
  8. Congrats with your new purchase. I do have the same bag ;) It's really cute. I also have the matching wedges :graucho:
  9. very cute! I saw the shoes at Saks! Congrats
  10. congrats! don't worry about the negatives we've said. if you feel great with the bag, enjoy it! flaunt it!
  11. Oh wow pretty bag congrads!
  12. Thanks everyone! :smile: Ooh, matching wedges.. I've never seen those, I wonder what they look like?
  13. Very pretty- congrats!
  14. Congrats, the Abbey is a great bag!
  15. Congrats, she is stunning!