I broke the "blue jean" barrier today (caution: adult language in this post)

  1. I bought my first blue jean item today - a small card case in epsom. Its the "m2 euclide". I also am interested in finding a coin case - I am trying to get the inside of my bags more organized with small accessories. PGN, if you are reading this, our mutual SA, when I asked what were the possibilities in coin cases, said she had ordered a lot of - this is exactly what she said - condom cases. She said these looked like coin cases and had a snap. Has anyone seen one? I am curious now.

    I am pleased with the new case. Blue jean is really lovely in epsom.
  2. :wtf: That is too funny!LOL!!!! Now I'm dying to see these condom cases! I had to work today or I would have seen you at hermes! I was dying to go-getting that itch for another scarf. I've also been thinking about small accessories and have been searching through alot of threads trying to decide what I want. Congrats on your card case! It sounds really pretty.
  3. ^^^ Oh that's just great! Re associate me with those condom cases!
  4. I wanna say "if the cap fits" but I think I'll just leave all the birth control references alone now :p
  5. I can't see how it would make a coin purse though - I can't see any snap??:shrugs:

    Doesn't KallieGirl have a lovely little vibrato one? I think I'd use a coin purse for my coins and save the other holder... well.... for... ahem.... you know
  6. Can you post pics of your card case, s'il vous plait?
  7. vibrato sounds perfect for a condom case
  8. snigger, snigger....
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. Whoa... good memory!! Yes, here's my Vibrato coin purse. I'm really enjoying it!

  11. ^^^ Are you using it for coins or ...ahem...snigger....
  12. Well i thought the other coin case, could be used as a condom case (i call it the origami case since it folds down, i have no idea of its actual name lol) but maybe its cos I'm a guy lol i swear I don't think about sex that often, well I guess its nice to know that Hermes can accommodate a case purely for rubbers?!
  13. I :heart: that purse Kallie - such a lovely choice.
  14. Gee. This was certainly an informative thread. I will try to take digital pictures of the card case...its really cool. It a bifold, looks very much like a smaller version of my husbands Hermes wallet. And I am so excited about the color! I still would like a coin case....I like the one mizzle has and posted a picture of in the reference section, I think she said it was called thill. Does anyone know if thill is still made? (sorry, I couldnt resist a little alliteration)