I broke my friends cell phone today!

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  1. My friend wanted to switch faceplates on her phone with me. I had silver and she had pink. I offered to switch them and when I did, I broke hers. It now only has speaker phone. I feel so bad for doing that. I offered to pay the insurance deductible, but she said she's already made 3 claims and can't file another one until next year. So now I have to buy her a new phone. :noggin:
  2. Oh, that really stinks! Hope it all works out.
  3. Oops! Live and learn!! :smile:
  4. Why don't you trade phones with her and give her yours? Just switch out the sim cards.
  5. Hmm. Well, good for you for taking responsibility, but she was the one who wanted to switch in the first place. I say go halves.
  6. invisicat i agree half and half sounds good.
  7. It's probably too graceful to back out now, if she's already agreed to pay all. But, geesh, the gal already had 3 claims on her cell phone? Sounds like it may have been damaged to begin with. :blink:
  8. Don't feel bad.. I wrecked a guy's car once.... lol. Not cheap to fix..
  9. Ugh... pretty annoying. Sorry about that. Is she offering to pay half or something?

    Funny thing is this morning my mom realized she washed my brothers pants with his cell phone in the pocket... it is def broke now :rolleyes:
  10. I agree with the switching phones idea. Give her yours! Since her phone was pretty old anyway! You can get the new phone since you're paying for me!

    How could she have filed 3 claims already? It's not yet the 5th of January!!
  11. well I would switch her phones but I was switching the plate off my old phone that was suffering from the same problem. There's no way that I'm giving her my new D&G Razr.
  12. the year starts on the aniversary (I guess you could say) of your contract year.
  13. well why dont you give her your old phone? or is the problem with the phone not the covers?
  14. The problems are with the phones not the covers. She would be in the same position with my old phone.
  15. EEK.looks like you have to buy a new phone..That stinks! So Sorry!