i bought the tiffany purse pen today for my pm agenda, a couple questions

  1. those of you who own it, the silver ring that's in the middle that says tiffanys, supposed to be loose? does anyone find the pen a little flimsy? the one i got seems to come apart quite easily, the top part ( i think is where the refill goes in ) comes off quite easily as well. is this normal? or is mine defective? tia
  2. Mine did that too at first. Once the loop got a little tinsy bit stretched, the pen was easier to take out. Another trick is to push the pen out from the bottom up, rather than pulling it out from the top. If you push it up and out, the top half doesn't come off. Does that make sense? I love mine now. I was a little surprised that it is kind of a flimsy pen. I still like it and it looks really pretty in my agenda, but sometime I may break down and buy the pink nails agenda pen that actually matches the lining of my planner - I think it's made really well. For now though, I still love my Tiffany pen.
  3. i have owned an LV pen before ( i was stupid and gave it away along with my mini agenda thinking i won't need it anymore) it is seriously very well made, albeit it's not comfortable to write with given the size, but it is definitely very very well made. i don't think i amhappy wiht this tiffany pen, seriously considering returning it and buy the lv pen.
  4. If you can justify the cost, the LV pen is really, really pretty.
  5. how much was the tiffany pen?
  6. Mine came to about $85 including tax, if I remember right.
  7. the tiffany pen is under 100, somewhere in the 80s?
    I used Fisher's Space Pen, w/o clip version for Koala agenda, and it fits perfectly :yes: it's dirt cheap (10 bucks w/s&h from eBay), but the quality and color is amazing, plus I don't feel guilty when i loose it :sweatdrop:
  8. Classic Chic, Looks like I owe you another one! I had never heard of the Fisher Space Pen, so I looked it up. I've been looking for a pen that wouldn't leak - I have a big ink splotch inside my Speedy from a leaky pen. They claim that this will NOT leak - I need to buy one of these! Thanks :tup:
  9. anyone else not happy with the tiffany pen? i know alot of you own it...tks
  10. I bought Tiffany's blue pen and it seems to unscrew quite easily. I think it's supposed to be this way. I've used it a few times and love it! Which pen did you get??
  11. i got the purse pen in blue, it retails for $80CAD and i believe $75 USD.
  12. I love mine. no probs. knock on wood.
  13. i have the tiffany silver "T" purse pen and LOVE it but the sterling does get soft and the top screws off sometimes but it feels so nice in my hand, it's worth it!
  14. I use a Tiffany pen with my Epi agenda PM and it works great! No problems.
  15. I was wondering if anyone knows about a nice mechanical pencil that might fit in the Louis agendas? I do love the Tiffany purse pens, but I realized I need something that erases!