I asked my dh

  1. I asked my dh it he wanted to see $225.

    He said what did you get a new purse?

    I opened my mouth and showed him my newly filled tooth!

    Little does he know that I did pick up a new purse at TJ Maxx and it cost less than the dentist!!

    [​IMG]I picked up this Francesco Biasia for $149 only in black.
  2. LOL!!!!
    You're so imaginative!!!
    Gotta use that line for something....cuz lordie knows that if I said the same thing to my dh....his response would be exactly the same!!!!
  3. Haha...so true. If I asked my SO that, he'd say the EXACT same thing!
  4. Cute bag - what style is it?
  5. That's funny and the bag was justified easily with "it was less expensive than the dentist"! What a great bag, it's a great style.
  6. Ha, ha! That reminds me:
    My husband went to the dentist yesterday and he was referred to an orthodontal surgeon, as he needs 2 dental implants at.......get this....
    $4,000 each!!!
    Wow! What $8,000 would buy in handbags! I don't think he can ever say anything about my bags again!!! LOL!!!

    KATLUN, I love your post! It is very cute and I love your new bag!!! My TJMaxx never has any of these great bags.
  7. It's a Francesco Biasia,Next Generation, it still had on all it's tags and plastic around the handles and its dustbag was inside.
  8. Thats a good one, I'll have to remember that, lol. Great bag BTW.
    This reminds me, last night my daugter lined up all the webkinz she's got in the last year. 39 @15/each = $585!! I let my husband know, this is what $585 looks like. I could of put that toward a handbag
  9. Wow, you daughter is already an addict:shocked:
  10. My DH just bought snow tires at $700/tire, after taxes that's $3K, and it rarely snows here in Vancouver.