I am up late and the Mulberry forum is dead...

  1. Besides kroquet and TG, does anyone else post from outside the UK on Mulberry?
    I have gone for a wander on some other threads and I feel like a child lost in central London on my own. It is scary out there all alone!

    Makes me appreciate our Mulberry thread and all the respect we show each other.
  2. I'm not in the UK, I'm in Singapore. It's morning here and I just woke up not to long ago :smile:
  3. In the US. It's usually quiet whenever I'm on.
  4. I'm in the US
  5. Darn, I missed you! Sorry! I am usually all alone at night. so sad
  6. From EIRE(Ireland)
  7. I love the fact there's Mulberry girls from all over the world on here. I usually come on first thing in the morning & see what's been going on overnight.
    Think we also have representation from Sweden.
    Interesting that there's not anyone from much of Europe - guess it shows how Mulberry is not that well known apart from in the UK & US.
  8. My online activities are usually curtailed by my need to be in bed at a reasonable-ish time,as you know lil ones are sooooooooooooo unforgiving when you are tired!! Plus my 'ride' isn't always about at the mo,so I keep doing a Samantha as Sj so brilliantly put it!!!!
  9. Sweden yes! But also Denmark with Pigen and I´m almost sure there is Finnish representation too - Polaremil? and someone else.

    I pop in here late quite often. Sometimes after doing night duties at work and sometimes when I just can´t get to bed because it´s quiet and cosy in the middle of the night when baby is sleeping. When I´m not working I can´t help myself from keep logging in and check now and then during the day:p!
  10. When I come on in the morning, I check what you ladies have been chatting about. You are all deep into your daytime activities and usually not online. I imagine you are at work, shopping, cooking, cleaning, driving. I love that you can all have "live" chats with each other...but I do have my time delay. Still, I put in my two cents.

    I was on another forum but have left because the conversation got entirely too silly and...immature. I like that I can talk to you ladies about everything from Mulberry love to PG Tips monkeys!

    Carry on ladies!
  11. We are Mulberry kindred spirits irrespective of where we live. I really look forward to catching up with you all. I'm lucky that I can hop on & off as I work from home so when writing press releases gets dull, I whizz on here & catch up with the fun.
    I love the fact you're all such interesting women. You all have your own opinions about Mulberry bags - how fab to be able to blather on about bags to others who think the same way!
  12. Im in the UK, but I guess people already knew that?! :yes: I work during the day all week (no internet access at work) so I tend to be online not long after Ive got home, before doing something (or not :lol: ) in the evening.
  13. i have a look when i get up and now when i get in from work but i will have internet at the shop this week so will be on a various times during the day soon.YEAY!!!!

    i think we are all very simular.
  14. If I had internet access at work I'd never get any work done :lol::lol:
  15. i know it will be check stock and clean the shop or have a cup of tea and viit my friends on purse forum. eerrrrmmm guess i will have a dirty shop with no rotating stock!!