I am SO terrible!!! HAHA!

  1. Tomorrow is my birthday and I had been dropping *subtle* hints about how much I love the Carly in medium. I told DH that I loved the khaki/saddle or in chocolate. DH told me over and over that I did NOT need another Coach bag now....(I just bought myself the khaki/mahogany sig stripe shoulder tote about 2 weeks ago....but I am a new Coach addict...I can't help myself for wanting another so soon lol!)
    Anyway....today I was at the mall and just had to go into that Coach store to smell the smells in there....LOVE that place! And I was talking to the SA there and then (this is the BAD part)....I asked her if she could look in the computer to see if my hubby had been in. HE WAS IN YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wlae::wlae: She won't tell me what he bought but I at least KNOW I am getting something SO GOOD for my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I feel a little guilty....not! LOL!
    Here's my question, if he DID get me the khaki Carly, can I exchange it for the chocolate one? I figured that is the best since I already just got a khaki shoulder tote...

    Sorry for rambling....
    OH! The SA there and I were talking about this forum...haha! She said she has heard so many women talking about it... :smile:
  2. how exciting for you....i hope you get what you want!!!
  3. oh man.. can't take the surprise huh!?!? :roflmfao: you are too funny!! well, happy birthday, I hope you get what you want! I have the medium carly in khaki/saddle and I absolutely adore her.. and it's MY birthday on Thursday!! :tup:
  4. Hahaha that is too funny! It insn't cheating since you don't technically even know what it is, right? LOL enjoy and happy birthday!
  5. OHHHH, I never thought of that!!!! I'll have to keep that in mind for xmas...sneaky, I like you!! :supacool:
  6. Awww...that's sad. He was probably trying so hard to surprise you by telling you you didn't need another bag and discouraging you. Poor guy. Not to be a downer, but this just makes me sad. It's so rare for a guy to actually put forth effort into getting a girl what she really wants, and now the surprise is spoiled.
  7. HOLY COW another Leo! haha There's a regular pride of us!!!! haha (Aren't *I* the witty one??)

  8. I KNOW Stophle....it's not very nice of me....but I couldn't help myself! REALLY, I was in there and then the worst of me took over....haha! It's like I got posessed by the Coach bags in the store... :nuts:

    But don't worry, I will act SUPER surprised!!!!!! LOL! :smile:

    Edited to add....AND I know he was going to NOT get me one, but I think time was running out for him and he couldn't think of anything else...hehe....there, does that make you not so sad? :smile:
  9. Hope you get the bag you want! You can definitely exchange if its not the color you would like. Just keep the receipt and don't remove the tag from your bag. THey will exchange no problem. ENJOY and Happy Birthday! WOW...lot of TPFers b-days this month. Mine was last Thursday. :nuts: Please post pics when you get her! ENJOY!
  10. hahahaha...love you Leos! Always need a pedestal to roar from ;).

    And to the OP, happy Birthday!! :yahoo:
  11. Hey! Tomorrows my B-Day too!!! Happy B-Day to both of us!!:yahoo:

  12. Yeah, you'd just better put on an Oscar-worthy performance, missy! :p
  13. That's funny! When I worked at Coach we were told we couldn't give out any of that information, for a number of reasons (such as ruining surprises for wives, and also in case a spouse was buying for someone other than his wife!).
  14. It totally isn't cheating because for all you know he bought himself a coach man bag or man leather wallet, right? Ha!
  15. OHh, hopefully he isn't reading over your shoulder, don't leave this up on the computer screen at home!!