I am SO obsessed with VIOLET!!

  1. I can't seem to get enough!! I know I'm not the only one, but I have to shout it out LOUD TOO!! I :heart: VIOLET! :woohoo: This color just gets me all excited and pumped up.:boxing: It's like reconnecting with a lost love. (without the punching of course, lol) I'm just happy to be excited about Bbags again, YAY!

    Okay, don't throw anything... I don't have pics yet, bf is napping not feeling well in the bedroom. Will take pics and family shots later, promise.

    phew! Okay, so I just had a knock on the door and received my Violet FIRST!!!! I am so in love with this bag. It is PERFECT! :yahoo: I feel so lucky since it was bought sight unseen, no pics even. The bag's color is saturated and uniform. It's perfectly and beautifully distressed, front and back. It already looks broken in, it's soft and smooshy and wrinkly which I am loving.

    I am a proud Mama and have no regrets. For anyone who thinks this is my first violet, my beloved Bal Violet family includes, a GSH Brief, a City, a First, a MU, a money wallet, and last but not least a CP.:p Of course, love the accessories, my first MU and CP, so those are precious. I do love all three bags for different reasons though. My Brief w/SGH is my first GH bag. Special in that, but it has the most GORGEOUS thick leather, love it, happens to be Agneau. My city, well it's a city and it is another sight unseen that is pretty perfect. It is Chevre and is rich in color. My newest first, happens to be agneau, although I was wanting one in agneau...I couldn't be happier, it's thick, distressed and rich in color, also will be perfect for "small bag" occasions.

    Thanks for letting me type out loud, I LOVE MY NEW VIOLET FIRST!!:tup: It's been a quiet day here, but happy I get to share my excitement with you all who appreciate it the most.

    Shoot, who am I kidding... Glad the BF is upstairs sleeping, didn't have to see the look of "another one" when it somehow magically showed up on the doorstep.:angel:
  2. Aww that's awesome! I love violet too, I never realized how much I liked purple until my violet. I cannot wait to see your first, from your description it sounds perfect!
  3. I think you should get the Day too!:roflmfao:

    Congrats on another beautiful violet!!
  4. YEAH Bellafiore!!! I am so obsessed with VIolet also. As soon as he gets up we want major pics girlfriend. Violet got my blood pumping again for Balenciaga also!!!! Congrats, I am so happy for you!
  5. Thanks bal newbie!

    I love it! I never realized that I love purple this much either.

    Yesterday was out and bought eggplant colored beanie, gloves and matching scarf that has all shades of purple and blue in it. It's definitely feeling like fall in my neck of the woods, time to cozy up!
  6. Ooooooo, maybe I should....

    LOL! Thank you!

  7. he he, you make me laugh!
    can't wait for the modeling pics - with all of them together - violet HEAVEN!
  8. Hey Shasta! Thank you so much! I will definitely post lots of pics!

    That's a great way of saying it, my blood is pumpin! lol
  9. hey, hey wait, modeling pics? Oh, uh...uh..lets not push it. LOL!

    Will gorgeous pics of gorgeous bags be enough? I don't know if I'm feelin that excited. kwim? lol
  10. ^^I feel exactly the same way! I have a violet first and rh city. This is the first non-neutral color (although I think it really does make a great neutral w/a 'pop') that I have fallen in love with! Congrats and can't wait to see pics.
  11. gwen, you said it perfectly. However, I knew you would relate.
  12. congratulations, love your violet family. can't wait for more family pictures!!
  13. I am so glad you like your First! I haven't been able to put mine down since I got her:yahoo:
    This is definitely my Fav bag. It goes with most everything and things it doesn't go with, I make it go!
    Definitely post pictures of your whole violet family!
  14. I love love it too. Everyone has been commenting on how vibrant the colour is. It definitely is one of the best best colours
  15. me too i've gone violet crazy! Bought a first, love her so I bought a city (still waiting for her). I have many different sizes of black bags - and never thought twice about it. VIOLET IS THE NEW BLACK!!!!!