I am so excited!!!!

  1. we FINALLY got a Sephora in the mall! Before this the closest one was 40 miles away into Massachusetts. It just opened a few days ago and I just went in for the first time today and could hardly keep the smile of my face! I must have been in there forever! I suprisingly kept myself from buying anything.. although i'm sure that wont last long!
  2. I know how you feel. The onlly time I went in sephora is when on vacation in Florida. It is a ritual when we travel there. Now there is one in RI but I haven't made it yet.
  3. You're going to love it!
  4. Enjoy but watch out - evertime I go in there, I spend $100.00 - all the stuff you can try and buy!!! very tempting.
  5. Wahoooooo!

    I'm so jealous! Wish we had a Sephora in Holland. I LOVE that place!!!!!
  6. LOVE Sephora!!!!!!Get all my Stila there!