I am so excited... weekend at the beach!

  1. My birthday is this Sunday, and our 4th wedding anniversary is on July 1st. We are going to be staying The Inn at the Spanish Head (http://www.spanishhead.com/) and I am so excited! We got a package that has dinner for two, champagne and coupons for the outlets stores! They have a Coach outlet... :yahoo:

    All the rooms in the place face the ocean, and our room is a studio so it has a full kitchen and a couch to relax on, and of course wireless internet so I don't have tPF withdrawls, and DH doesn't have his sports forum withdrawls.
  2. Great! Have fun this weekend!! :smile:
  3. Oh and happy early birthday! Best wishes!!
  4. Hope you have a great weekend!!
  5. Awww!!!! Have fun!!!!!
  6. nice view!!!!
  7. That sounds like a great weekend!
    Happy Birthday to you and have a wonderful time at the beach. Oh, and buy lots of goodies at the Coach outlet too!!
  8. Have a great time! Wish I was able to go to the beach - I have to wait until August though!
  9. how exciting! congrats on both occassions!
  10. That sounds nice. :smile:
    Have fun and Happy Birthday! :heart:
  11. The beach! I love the beach! Too bad I'm landlocked.
    Happy birthday, and Happy Anniversary! :flowers: Hope you have fun!
  12. Wahoo!!! :yahoo: Have bunches of fun! The beach is my second home!
  13. Happy Birthday! The location looks amazing. Hope you have a great time.
  14. aw, sounds incredible! have fun and kill em at the Coach outlet!