I am so confused right now...somebody please help

  1. My caviar classic flap measures 10 inches long, and the SA told me it was the Large size. But when I went to the boutique store today, one of the SA told me it is actually a medium. Can someone please help me solve this mystery?
  2. The medium is 9", and the large is 10". A lot of SAs get confused as which is medium and which is small.
  3. The Classic Flap Bag comes in three sizes:
    Small - 9" x 5.5" x 2"
    Medium - 10" x 6" x 2.5"
    Jumbo - 12" x 8" x 3"

    There are four sizes in the Reissue 2.55:
    A302224 - The Baby ?
    A302225 - The Medium 9.75" x 7.06" x 2.16"
    A302226 - The Large 11" x 8" x 2.5"
    A302227 - The X-Large, Jumbo aka A-4 size 12.25" x 9.18" x 2.5"

  4. wow, HTH, THANK YOU!!! You have no idea how you just solved another mystery of mine. :yes:
  5. Thanks! Great, just when I thought all the SAs are well trained.
  6. There's also a 228, in the older style reissues.
  7. anyone know what is the size/measurement of the large "double-flap" caviar leather bag ?
  8. layla, now I'm confused!

    So the classic flap has 3 sizes, and the double flap has 4?

    I need to correct myself, I have a large double flap and the measurements are 10" L X 6" H X 2.5" W.
  9. Honu, I understand the confusion.

    The Classic has 3 sizes although some people call the "Jumbo" the large and vice versa.

    The Reissue 2.55 commemorating the Anniversary of the bag (last year 2005) with the distressed calfskin leather had four sizes.

  10. You're welcome 345parkave! :smile:
  11. Sorry throw a spanner in the works, but the 12" is Jumbo but it is single flap.
  12. that is what I have. I guess that is a medium/large .... =)