I am so bad with decisions...


What do I do now?

  1. Keep the pearl colored Bittersweet

  2. Exchange for the white Bittersweet

  3. Exchange for the white with straps (more $$$)

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  1. I fell in love with this bag when I saw it on Angelina Jolie, so I ordered the large size from Celine in the pearl color which they told me was a grey-white with the option of exchanging for white (not yet available) if I did not like the color. The bag I expected to receive has straps around the ends, but the bag I actually received does not. Now Celine tells me that the strappy bag is $500 more (and only available in white) and has not come in yet. Do I keep the bag I have, exchange it for white, or exchange it and add $500 for the strappy bag in white which was the bag I saw on Angelina? :shrugs:
    AngelinawCelineresized.jpg Celine white LVR.jpg Celinefrontresized.jpg
  2. I would exchange the color if you aren't happy, but not spend $500 more just for some straps. You could buy a whole other bag with that! =)
  3. hmm,$500 is an insane amount for straps! which color would make you happy in the long run, and how unhappy or unfulfilled does THIS bag leave you?
  4. Well, I thought I was loving the pearl color, but something is just not working for me. And it was the bag with the straps that I fell in love with. I am wondering if the leather is different, given the price difference, but I have not called them again to ask (yet). The nude leather is a smoother leather and carries the higher price tag. I am also just not sure the pearl color will go with as many of my outfits as the white.
  5. I like the color of the bag, and the style, but I like the white bag with the side straps much more- the other one looks too plain (but only in comparison). HOWEVER, I myself would be very very hesitant to drop another $500 just to change the color/add decorative straps. If you don't LOVE the bag you got, I would consider returning it, but maybe for something that's around the same price that you really love. Of course, if you're one of those lucky people for whom money is no issue, I would definitely exchange it for the one you really like!!! Good luck with your decision, it's a beautiful bag either way.
  6. Well, money IS an issue, but I cannot return the bag for a refund since I purchased from a boutique (no one else carries it). So I am either stuck paying a high price for a bag that I am not totally in love with or paying a bit more (okay, more than a bit) for the one that I AM in love with.
  7. The pearl is lovely, but exchange if you aren't happy! $500 is too much for straps...
  8. I like both bags, but if you are not happy you should insist that the boutique take it back since it is NOT what you ordered! Because of their terrible return policies, I try to avoid buying from boutiques whenever possible.
  9. I went to the website and found better pics of the two bags side by side (sort of) in the same position. Here they are. After seeing the white on their website, I think the leather on it is different, too...that might be why the price is more. The nude bag (featured on Neiman Marcus and in the Bittersweet catalog) is a soft calfskin and it is the same price as the white with the straps, but the pearl grey is a drummed calfskin and is less. Keep the votes coming, ladies! Right now I am snowed/iced in and can't even get to FedEx to ship the bag back, so there is time!
    CelineBittersweetpearllarge.jpg CelineBittersweetwhitelarge.jpg
  10. well, i like the grey-white bag now as it stands.. for 500 more, I will just get some other bag......or maybe an H scarf to put on the bag.. hehe.. btw, that is a lovely bag
  11. Before I saw the latest pics you posted, I voted to pay the extra $500; as if it was me, I would rather have one bag that I really like, than one and a third bags that I don't so much and I like the overall look of the one with the straps better.

    Quality over quantity! :yes:

    However, having seen the latest pics, I noticed that the decorative, 5 rows of stitching (which I really like!) around the edge of the top of the bag is missing on the one with straps.

    So, then I was more torn! :s

    However, if the leather is better quality on the more expensive bag (which it looks as if it is, to me), then I would definitely pay the extra, as the whole design depends on a beautiful, slouchy look; which can, in my experience, only be really successful, with a very high quality, soft leather. :biggrin:
  12. I just talked to my SA at Celine and he says the white strappy bag is soft deerskin, while the pearl is drummed calfskin. So there is definitely a difference in the leathers.
  13. ^ How slouchy is the drummed calfskin? Is it slouchy enough, do you think?
  14. It's slouchy, but it doesn't look like the white bag on Angelina. Here is a side pic of it sitting on a chair, if this helps. (And the side view of the white bag from LuisaViaRoma.com)
    Celineside.jpg Celine white LVR side.jpg
  15. Well, I suppose the fact that it's less soft, makes it look a little more angular and therefore, more like a (soft) fortune cookie! Which is quite attractive. :biggrin:

    But, I have to say that I like the fluidity of Angelina's bag better. :yes:

    How does the calf compare to Chloe calf leather?