I am so annoyed..

  1. I was in Hawaii yesterday, went to the LV store on a mission to buy the Damier Rift and Damier Ludlow..The SA WOULD NOT get me one from the back w/ it's wrapping still on it so I turned around and left!! I was going to drop $700 and she didn't care to help me. She said it is store polilcy that they unwrap everything when it comes in..Has anyone had this happen to them??
  2. Well, in Australia...I think they do unwrap their items cos when I ask for new ones from the back ,I never seen one with plastic wrap. But I heard Elux does leaves the plastic on:shrugs:
  3. only my MC wapity had the blue tape..
  4. i'd be pissed! how hard is it really to take off the plastic really quick? it takes like 1 minute at the most!
  5. I think the OP meant she want one with plastic still on.:P
  6. Unfortunately we have to remove everything before it hits the floor, but hey you can get lucky sometimes :smile: If you know the right SA then sometimes it can happen but yeah it is against the policy if you want to be technical to leave everything on :smile:
  7. which LV did you go to cuz I think all the SAs here suck anyway. Everytime I even go to LV, mostly Ala Moana I don't even get helped right away. They usually help all the Japanese tourists first.
  8. My LV here in the Philippines gets me one from the back ALL the time. WITH the plastic and paper stuff still on it:love:
  9. Dickies, welcome back! :nuts:
  10. If some people have gotten it with the plastic still on and I want to get it like that, I'd turn around and walk away too. But that's just me.
  11. Glad you turned around and left! I'm sure you will get one with plastic on it from a better place. :yes:
  12. Oh, I'm not sure.. I've always gotten a new one automatically but they can't sell you one with the plastic on it. The eLux ones do come with plastic.
  13. At the LV store at Tysons' they spoke to me about the plastic wrap on the handles, and said it's a new policy that they can not sell the purse to someone and let them leave the store with the plastic wrap still on the handles-- they have received too many people coming back to LV stores having to 'repair' the handles that they cut or scratched when trying to remove the plastic for the handles.

    I tried to convince the woman to give me one w/the plastic still on... and she was going for it, but her manager stepped in and had to come over and tell me that they were unable to that it was a LV policy now.

    Hope this info helps!
  14. I know for sure in Valley Fair store, they do have to unwrap everything before they pack the bag up for you. I asked the plastic wrappings to be left on the straps and was told the they had to be unwrapped.

  15. L..is that you??