I am really worried that I have scarred myself!

  1. Last week I had a really bad tummy attack, and as I normally do when I get bad tummy pains, I use a hot water bottle.( I have really bad IBS, and also this attack showed little tiny grains in the gall bladder)This time, the pains were really bad, and I used the hot water bottle consistently for two days.I put the bottle when it is bearable( and not too hot!) directly on the tummy without its cover, or I lie on it as this is the only thing to ease the pain.Problem is, I still 1 week later have little marks on my tummy from the water bottle, and I think that I have caused permanent marks!The marks have never stayed before, after using the bottle with period or IBS pain.They are under the surface of the skin, and there is noblistering or anything on the top. Has anyone else used a bottle, and got marks which have gone?:shocked:
  2. Hi hun!
    So sorry to hear about your tummy pain and "scar"...

    I use the bottle too, but it's always in it's faux fur cover and so i never left marks on myself...

    but i know a good remedy for scars... i played heaps of sports before and alwayas scrapped my knee and face once! i used Vitamin E oil.. which is clearly and odourless, get from the drug store.... i use the Vit E directly applied to the scars everyday.. and the scars fade! =) These are permanent open wound scars.. so i'm sure your burn scar, if it's permanennet, would fade tooo... Try it!

    BUt i'm sure it's not permanent.. i hope it's not..

    Good luck!
  3. hi!

    i don't think its going to be permanent. does it feel lumpy? I think it should only be a minor burn! i got burnt by the iron and although it seemed like the scar would never go away, it did eventually.

    i would put moisturising cream on it every day just because it could help with the burn.
  4. Go to the drugstore and get that product called Neosporin Burn something. Its a cream for burns and scars that reduce that kind of thing. You can find it in the first aid aisle. Other than that I'm not sure what you could do. One time I got burned from the sun to 2nd degree on my legs, I had a towel around some parts so I had lines on my legs for like 2 years I swear!! It took 2 years for the lines to fade to where you couldn't see them anymore! Good luck!!
  5. Maderma works really well for scars. over the counter at a drugstore.

  6. Thanks for that tip, I will buy some and keep my fingers crossed!
  7. Sorry to hear about your experience, no useful tips to give, though. Have you seen the doctor about this?
  8. Let us know how this turns out....hopefully, it's not too serious and will go away by itself. Perhaps you have sensitive skin?
  9. Hello all,
    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I am going to get the Vitamin E oil tomorrow, and have an appt with my tummy doctor on Thursday, so I will also show it to her too.Fingers crossed it will go, I always complained about my tummy's appearance before, but in hindsight it was fine, now it looks worse.I hope that they go !!!!!!!