I Am Obsessed...i Want The Black Ladybraid!!!!

  1. HELP...SOMEBODY....CANADA DID NOT ORDER THE BLACK LADYBRAID HANDBAG (ONLY RED AND BLUE) AND I CALLED Nordstrom IN SEATTLE...BUT THEY ARE ONLY RECEIVING TWO:sad: SO BASICALLY MAYBE SOMEONE CAN GIVE ME THE HEADS UP TO A NM THAT MAY HAVE ONE...its tough when you want a bag and cannot find it,kinda makes you want it ten times more!!! I have seen the LadyBraid with the gold hardware but I much prefer the silver hardware which is this fall! Hopefully someone can help:s
  2. Bloomingdales in NYC had them in black yesterday. Also, NM in short hills had it in black and dark grey. 973 912 0080
  3. Chanel boutique at Tysons Corner in Virginia also has one. You can ask for Indra.
  4. Thanks so much....now its just deciding which of the two styles..but I am leaning towards the divers bag. Does Bloomingdales ship to Canada?
  5. NM Northbrook, IL had one yesterday 847-564-0300. Good Luck! They are offering double points right now also on a NM card, today is the last day!
  6. Try Houston, TX Chanel store...
  7. May I know where can I locate Red/Blue Lady braid Satchel (bowler?) here in US?

    what color do they come for lady braid beside red purple blue and black??
  8. There is a blue ladybraid at the Nordstroms in Portland Oregon as of a couple of days ago. They also got a load of the mini crystal cc earrings:tup:
  9. Saks in Scottsdale has the black lady braid tote with silver.
  10. I was on the reserve list..at Nordstrom..and they only got one ladybraid satchel in and there was one ahead of me and she got it:cursing:!!!!
    I have been hunting and hunting for a black ladybraid with the silver hardware...and want it soooo bad (the fact I cannot get it i think makes me want it more....)
    somebody??? the black lady braid satchel in black....:girlsigh:
  11. Call Chanel 1800 number , they can track one down for you.
  12. NM San Antonio too!
  13. what's the ladybraid? can someone pls share a photo?

  14. Chanel at Ala Moana in Hawaii had the black and red lady braid satchels when I went on Friday. :yes: