I am LOVING the savings!

  1. Hi, newbie here!

    Love this board and love Coach.

    I just bought a new bag today, although they didn't have it in stock, so I have to wait. But I got the GiGi in the signature in dark brown. It's fab.

    However, I wish they had a dark brown leather instead. The whiskey is too light and the black is great, but I don't need another black Coachy.

    Anyone else loving the savings of the 25% off coupon? After buying all I needed, I even sent the coupon to a friend. Coach is totally on the ball; a reusable coupon. That will ensure repeat spending!
  2. welcome to TPF...and the gigi in chocolate sig is BEAUTIFUL!! Great choice...they are supposed to be coming out with walnut leather which is a darker brown...but I haven't seen it yet. I am sure someone around here has!!!

    Again welcome and make yourself at home!
  3. LizCordova called about the walnut brown and said it will be available to order early January. Also curious about your handle. Do you work for a winery?
  4. oooh youre lucky! my boutique was taking the PCE cards from everyone and not letting them reuse them
  5. Ooops, sorry. I committed my first faux pas on this board. I didn't know about the "PCE" area.
  6. !!!!! The Manager @ my Coach didn't even need mine (b/c i got the call i guess?) but she said she was giving them back to everyone b/c they have till the 9th to use them as many times as they want.

    maybe different stores acutally follow the rules lol
  7. my store always gives mine back..they know im a repeat shopper...
  8. I know! it was so weird! This one boutique that I go to (but its further away :sad:) always gives them back and is like come by as much as you want until the event is over. But this one that is closest to me is sooo strict about it! A couple of people in front of me on line were like- "but i want to come back with my sister/mother/whatever and let her use the discount later this week?" and the manager still wouldnt let them keep it! it seemed silly because they lost a future sale over it. i wonder why different stores have different policies- it is like night and day b/t these two stores at PCE time.