I am liking the

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  1. new legacy mini skinny I think the style # is 41829 retail for $58. What color would look better with my whiskey lily? Bronze, bottle green, brown or gray.
  2. brown!
  3. Are these all the colors it is available in?
  4. Is it on the website?
  5. Lets see I think I would go with bottle green or brown . the bottle green is a dark army green They had the legacy satchel in the store to show in bottle green I want one in that color and a bridget to match! I think it comes in bottle green, brown, bronze, gray black and purple!
  6. It comes in parchment too!
  7. oh yeh sorry! thanx
  8. ok it's added to my let as well
  9. I vote for either bottle green, grey, or parchment.