I Am Legend

  1. Did anyone else see the movie this weekend? My boyfriend and I went last night. I can honestly say I can't remember the last movie I cried in... There is a scene that will just about break your heart. All in all I think the movie was good and Will Smith did an amazing job, in my opinion. I'm curious to see what other people thought.
  2. I just finished reading that this movie took in a HUGE amount at the box office this weekend. I'm so curious what this movie is all about. Now you have me even more curious! LOL!
  3. I saw this movie Friday night! It didn't make me cry but still thought it was GREAT! Will Smith did a great job! Plus, it was filmed in NYC :smile:
  4. I saw it last night too and yes there is one scene where I tried my best not to cry. I had read a review that said it was the best moment of the film where Will Smith doesn't say anything, its just a close up on his face.

    Overall I enjoyed the movie, I think he did a fantastic job carrying the movie by himself for about 80% through it, the last 20 minutes or so could've gone differently but the rest of the movie made up for it.

    I'm heavy into the movies and how they do money wise and I was so excited that he broke some records and made tons of money. Personally I'm a Will Smith fanatic, he can do no wrong in my eyes when it comes to his movies. He's a bonafide movie star and you're guaranteed a good time when you see his movies. He's one of only a few actors that I don't mind spending $12 for tickets and food to go and see. Go Will!!!
  5. Just saw it. I thought it was great... Well I obviously wanted it to end differently. But overall I'm happy with it.

    The numbers are in I Am Legend did estimated about 76.5!!! Just wow! I'm happy for him.
  6. these good reviews have encouraged me to go and check this movie out myself as it sounds great
  7. Since it made that much at the box office, I won't feel that bad about watching it online later.:angel:
  8. I LOVED it! I cried at least twice! LOL Dh said he expected a different movie from the previews but enjoyed it. Will Smith was actually incredible. When he was talking to the "woman" in the video store I lost it! :sad:
  9. I saw it last night with my b/f, and I really liked it!! I cry easily, but wow, there were a few scenes where I was wishing I'd brought along an entire box of Kleenex... so poignant and heartbreaking! I've loved Will Smith since his Fresh Prince days haha :p and this movie definitely shows off his amazing acting skills! :heart: I can see a possible Oscar nod (I've heard rumors about this too) in his future. ;)
  10. the plot of the movie was so retarded!!

    But Will Smith and the dog were great actors! i also noticed that Will's real daughter Willow was in the movie.

    I felt so bad for Will, I dont know how I would have handled being the only person left on the earth. no one to talk to, scared out of my mind that zombies were coming out at night. what a nightmare.

    I just didnt like the ending.
  11. Samantha!
  12. The movie was great, and they did a pretty good job at the adaptation of the novel.

    Sam...oh she had me balling :cry:
  13. BF and I saw it Saturday night and loved it. I cried, too :shame: Great movie. I've always liked Will Smith.
  14. that dog should get an Oscar, real talk! lol
  15. Saw it and didn't really care for it. I recognize that it was a good movie, but it just isn't my kind of movie. I was very sad for Sam.