I am in LOVE

  1. I am in :heart: with this bag. I love the colour midnight though earth is just as yummy (but not my style according to hubby). So I hope they have it in the Copenhagen store in March or else my little brother has to do some shopping for me in Singapore. I am so getting this bag. :love::love:
  2. I like the color. It's pretty.
  3. very pretty!
  4. ok what is the name i need to find it.....
  5. Beautiful color!!
  6. Great colour! - hope you find it!
  7. Very cute in bag in a great color!
  8. I think its the Lady L in Midnight. I really like it, might treat myself to one later this year.
  9. I love that color!
  10. very cute!
  11. I love it! If the Turnlock Bowler does not come out in this color, I will be buying this bag!
  12. Yep, its LAdy L in midnight