^^I am in love with this bag!!!^^

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  1. it's by margaret nicole-new york city & it's only $265. i have to get it for the winter months.
    cream wool tote.jpg
  2. This is supposed to be the new "it" look for the upcoming winter months. I think I saw some amazing ones just like this in white, black and brown either at jcmadison or frostingfashions. I can't remember which...;)
  3. It's frostingfashions.com! How cute! $165!
    IMG_4823.jpg IMG_4503.jpg IMG_4475.jpg
  4. It's definitely a lovely bag for the winter season!!!
  5. anthro carries (or carried? i can't find it online anymore) a bag that looks exactly like that for 265. i saw it last weekend at their KC store at country club plaza for 40% off (until Nov 28th). I'm sure they'd be willing to do a charge send for you. Ashley, Katie, and Annie were all very nice when I went in and told me that they'd be happy to send out a dress for me when it finally came in. Hope that helps!

    eta: i just found it! i guess it's not exactly the same, but here it is and for 228 (-40% at the store):
    Anthropologie -
    "the chatham hobo"