I am in LOVE....my New Lock and Rock and Chain

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I am just so :nuts: over Chanel, forget about anything else! I have learned so much here over the last few months, you ladies are friendy and helpful, thank you.

    Soooo...... here is my try at showing you a couple of my newest loves. :love: The larger sizes of the New Lock and Rock and Chain.

    I have something else to show you too, but can't get the resize website to work on that pic right now..... stay tuned.... :p
    tmpphpn7VFed.jpg tmpphpgwn6ox.jpg tmpphpkwIqnP.jpg
  2. :woohoo: ...... it worked!!!
  3. Wow, you got some hot black bags haha... I especially love the Rock and Chain flap - very cool! Congratulations!! :smile:

  4. Gorgeous bag, congrats!
  5. Beautiful :drool:
  6. Gorgeous bags, congrats to you!
  7. GORGEOUS!!!!!! :nuts:

    Ok I am still a bit new to Chanel. May I ask - what is the black bag in the left two pics? I love that one!:heart:
  8. Thank you.:tender:

    I absolutely am head over heals over the rock and chain.

    I thought you ladies would be interested to see the New lock since there was talk before about the closure being weird or defective. I think that info was an excuse for not ordering it really. I think I love it.... I don't see how it would be a problem really. It's quite unique actually and the lambskin with the stitching.... it really is a hot bag, IMO.
  9. gorgeous, congrats
  10. On the left is the larger New lock. On the right is the Rock and Chain flap.
  11. gorgeous, congrats!!!!
  12. Here's my other two special finds..... looove em! :supacool:

    Did I say yet.... I love black bags!!!
  13. did you ever end up buying the blue soft and chain flap?
  14. You know, I did and returned it immediately. It was really bright and a bit long for me. The black one is a nice size though. The blue was odd to me, how much longer it was, I didn't realize that untill it was shipped to me.
  15. :yahoo: Congratulations on your awesome purchases!! They are beautiful! Love'em all.:love: