I am going on a ban

  1. I went to PCE and got the signature gallery tote. It was a toss up between that and the sig stripe shoulder tote. I really wanted a signature piece.
    So now I am feeling, not guilty, but that I definitely have enough bags. So no new bags for me until Christmas at the earliest. I want to really get some use out of the bags I have.
    Also it just occured to me that I did not see any ergo at the Coach store today. Are only select stores carrying them or are they possibly sold out.
    I noticed there was no punch out and no more signature carly's except for the really little ones.
    gallery tote.jpg
  2. I am also on a ban. Well my friends and family have told me to go on a ban because with my constant shopping they have no idea what I have and dont have to getting me a graduation gift will be difficult...ugh all I want to do is some shopping though! I guess its a good thing that I can save some $$$$.

    PS I LOVE your Gallery Tote
  3. love the gallery tote!

    and the ergo stuff isn't out yet.
  4. Beautiful tote!

    The ergo doesn't officially debut until next week, but some stores have them in the back. I went in to order, and they had it waiting for me!

    I, too, am now on a ban...
  5. Congrats on the Gallery Tote!
  6. Thanks and I had no idea! I guess people are ordering the all the cute ergos I've seen pictured here.
  7. Cute tote!

    I'm on an unintentional ban, I guess you can say. I haven't seen anything to catch my eye so I'm silently waiting to see what the next legacy line will bring.

    Althouh the scarf-print ergo hobo has been killing me softly with its song.... :whistle:
  8. love the bag!

    I'm on a ban for a while too ... until I can save up enough money for my upcoming vacations. I hope the turquoise ergo large tote won't sell out.
  9. I love your new tote. I have as well (in black) and love it. Unfortunately, I'm on a ban as well. Need some time to enjoy and use the bags I have and save $.
  10. I have done alot of damage at this PCE. I think that I am going to go on a ban until my birthday in July which is not too far. If I don't see anything that I like I may hold out until the fall. I just want to enjoy wearing the six bags I have purchased in the last month. I don't really want to buy anything right now and am trying to show some discipline.
  11. I'm with you LizCordova! I went WAY overboard at this PCE - I can't even admit how overboard. :push: I *desperately* need to go on a ban, and honestly, I can't wait for PCE to be over. LOL That way I can't be tempted to buy anything anymore!! :lol:
  12. Love the gallery tote!

    Unfortunately, I'm on an indefinite ban, too, since buying my Mandy a month ago. I :heart: her so much, though, that I don't even mind not buying anything else for a long time.
  13. If we can't buy we can always window shop!!!
  14. Yup! That's why I love this place. I can live vicariously through all of you (well, not those on a ban, I suppose :p ).
  15. I think that's one of my biggest problems - I can't window shop. I MUST HAVE. If I see something that I have to have I can't get it out of my head until I get it. I am almost better off not knowing what's out there so the temptation isn't there. :wacko: